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At Books24k, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you to succeed by providing top-tier bookkeeping services that go beyond the numbers. Join us on your path to business growth and financial success.

Bookkeeping Starting at $149/Month

Our Services

We understand that every business, regardless of size, requires a solid foundation in financial management. Our Bookkeeping Services are designed to provide you with the essential support needed to keep your financial support needed to keep your financial records accurate and compliant, starting at just $149 per month. Here’s what you can expect from our basic package

Accurate Record Keeping:

We meticulously track your financial transactions, ensuring that every detail is captured and recorded accurately.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation:

We reconcile your bank statements, identifying any discrepancies and ensuring your records align with your actual financial position.

Detailed Financial Reporting:

Gain deeper insights into your business with detailed financial reports that offer a clear picture of your financial performance.

Bookkeeping Clean-Up Project

(Price Varies)

Is your financial record-keeping in disarray? Our Bookkeeping Clean-up Project is your solution for a pristine financial landscape, with a guaranteed completion of work.

  • Professional Team
  • High Savings Potential
  • 24/7 customer support

What We Offer:

Through Data Cleanup

We meticulously review and clean up your financial data, ensuring accuracy and organization.

Reconciliation Mastery

Our experts reconcile your accounts, rectifying any discrepancies, and ensuring your records are error-free.

Financial Restoration

We work diligently to bring your financial records up to date, providing you with a clean slate.

Guaranteed Completion

We stand by our commitment to completing the clean-up project within the agreed-upon timeframe.